Keena + Matt at Tivoli Terrace

A beautiful day for a beautiful wedding. I always love shooting at the Tivoli properties They are both beautiful and unique in their own ways. Everything runs like a finely oiled machine and no one ever has to worry about anything. Bobby, Diane, Patrick, and the rest of the gang are on it!

It's always fun to find an interesting place to photograph the gown. LOVE this one.

Our beautiful bride.

A fun -- and great looking! -- group of girls.

Stunning bouquets and other florals by Laguna's own Florals by Jenny.

Groom Matt is in the white tie.

The girls crack up during the ceremony. Their officiant was Paul Uhlar.

Keena and her maid of honor after the ceremony.

I love this type of shot, where the B&G are amongst a group of friends and family.

The stairs at Tivoli are perfect for posing large groups.

What can be better than a vintage Rolls Royce for your getaway car?

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