Photography is an interactive process

The last thing I want is to neglect to take a photo of you with your beloved Aunt Betsy who’s traveled to your wedding from Europe … or Uncle Joe who raised you … or, or, or. That’s why I always ask clients to  make a detailed list of specific group shots they want me to capture. Also, please have a point person that can corral the individuals. Since I don’t know your relatives and friends by name, it’s just not a good use of our precious time to have me trying to sort all that out. And, since the posed photos are generally done immediately following the ceremony, I want to do them as swiftly as possible so we can take ‘couple photos’ and get you to your reception.

Also, if you have ideas for poses you’ve seen or always imagined, please tell me!  Of if I’ve placed your best friend at the end of a group when you want her next to you.  I truly want you to have exactly the results you have imagined.

Finally, family dynamics are frequently a consideration that we should talk about. For example, if your mother and father are divorced and don’t speak to each other, tell me! Or, on the other hand, if they are still the best of friends and you’d like to have a photo with your two bio parents, let me know that too!

Bottom line … the more information I have going in, the more smoothly things will go, and the better your results will be.

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