Lisa + Chris’ Laguna Beach engagement shoot

These photos were taken just last evening. I was so happy, I wanted to share a few!

One of my very favorite places to do an engagement session is in my own ‘backyard’ of Laguna Beach. I like to park the car and just walk around town, stopping when we spot a great backdrop. I do have to admit I sometimes get a little ‘performance’ anxiety. I’d just met Lisa earlier in the week to book her wedding, and had never met Chris. But, as soon as we started shooting , I relaxed. And clearly, they did too. I could tell that we’d get some terrific images. The results tell the tale.

Chris and Lisa were up for anything! A terrific and fun couple to work with.  Can hardly wait for their wedding!

Here are a few more favorites. (And, we didn’t even set foot on the sand!)

How great is this? Chris looks like he's walking on air.

Such a sweet look.

The yellow wild mustard was the perfect contrast to Lisa's red shirt.

Carpe diem is always the order of the day. We happened upon this bike, and I couldn’t resist.


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