Britney + Brian’s Villa Rockledge Wedding

Britney rocks it!!!

It just doesn’t get any better than this. A glorious bluebird day, an incredible venue, and an adorable couple. I photographed their actual proposal at Hotel Laguna just a few short months ago (see previous post), and couldn’t believe they planned and executed a wedding so speedily (and from Arizona!).

Villa Rockledge is a magnificent historic estate (or let’s call it ‘castle’) perched above the beach in Laguna, with various levels and meandering stone paths.  Cynthia and her husband Doug are the on-site coordinators, and what a great job they do! Everything ran as smoothly as can be … and they never are without a smile.

One of the coolest things is that it’s the ONLY property where you can have chairs on the sand for a ceremony. A huge plus! And, around every corner there is yet another amazing spot for a photo.

How beautiful is our bride?

I call this "how many hands DOES it take to fasten a wedding gown?" I count 5 ... how did THAT happen?

No, this isn't Iowa!

Looks like they're on the moon, doesn't it?

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