My last wedding of the year! … Lisa + Chris at the Ritz Carlton and Tivoli Terrace

We did have a few sprinkles on a day that started out looking like rain was a sure thing. I met Lisa and her Mom, sister and bridesmaid at The Ritz Carlton. Always one of my favorite spots for photography. Lisa looked gorgeous! She and her red-haired sister couldn’t look more “un”-alike, but both so beautiful.

We had a great time shooting around the property, did a first look, and then finished with some romantic and fun shots of Lisa and Chris before heading off to Tivoli. Berit (of Makeup By Berit in Laguna Beach) did Lisa’s beautiful makeup, Florals by Jenny did … you guessed it, and Larry of Diamond DJ’s spinned the tunes (or whatever you call it :-); Patrick and Diane were their usual spectacular selves, and a wonderful time was had by all.

My last wedding of the year went out with a bang … and a whole lotta love. Okay, I do realize that this was my second “Lisa and Chris” getting married at a Tivoli property in the past month!

Last minute checking in the mirror.

On the balcony of the room.

Love how this exterior looks like a cityscape.

After the first look, we went to some of my favorite spots at the hotel.

How spectacular is this sunset??? We shot as fast as we could to get as many images as possible with this absolutely incredible sunset! Just doesn't get any better.

The ceremony.

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