Erin + Pete get married at Three Arch Bay

A bluebird day in Laguna Beach manifested for Erin and Pete’s end-of-summer wedding. They now live in the Bay Area but grew up in the OC, so a beach wedding was perfect for them. Lots of cute beachy details, including baskets of flip-flops organized by size for trek down to the sand. It can get slippery on the steep path … believe me! I slipped on the sand and fell during one of our meetings 🙂 Loved the bicycle announcing the event at the entrance to the Three Arch Bay Clubhouse. Also, the place card treatment, with miniature beach chairs holding the names/table assignments in shallow boxes of sand. Ukelele music for the processional and recessional. Of course, the food was divine. What else would it be with 24 Carrots catering?

Have a look!

I do love succulents mixed with the flowers in bouquets.

The sign was a gift from one of Erin’s friends. You’ll see what’s on the reverse side in another photo. LOVE these personal touches.

A different angle. I really like it!

Why, I believe they’re married!!! Just after “I do”.

Here’s the sign…

What a handsome group of guys! Did I mention the groom’s name is “Pete Rose”… no NOT that one!

What a gorgeous couple!

Might’ve been the ‘danciest’ first dance ever! You guys rocked it!

And, finally, the ‘dream team’ that put it all together: Katie, Ashely and Carie from Once Upon a Wedding, and Lynn from 24 Carrots.

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