Harley’s Bar Mitzvah

A bar or bat mitzvah is a beautiful Jewish coming of age ritual. The typical day starts at the temple with a ceremony that is the culmination of many years of study. The 13 year-old boy, or 12 year-old girl, actually becomes a ‘bar mitzvah’ — an adult accountable for their actions from a religious perspective. They lead the service which includes reading in Hebrew from a portion of the Torah. It is a happy, joyous occasion celebrated by family and friends. Generally there is a gala party the same evening in the celebrant’s honor, where the festivities continue. The highlight of Harley’s party was a surprise 5-song set by him and his band. They were phenomenal! A full and fabulous day!!!

I LOVE shooting mitzvahs.

Please enjoy these photos of Harley’s big day. The ceremony was at Temple Bat Yahm in Newport Beach, and the party at the Harborside Pavilion on the Balboa Peninsula. Great coordination by Carolyn Shapiro of By Invitation Events.


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