Lynn + Jeremy’s engagement session in San Juan

Every engagement session is unique. The experience and outcome of each is totally dependent on the personalities of the couple. So … no two alike! That’s what I love about them. I never know what the results will be. I’m happy to say that I’ve never been disappointed with the outcome … and it’s like Christmas morning when I upload the files to my computer.

Meet Lynn and Jeremy. They’re getting married in April and I can tell from these shots that we’re going to have a great time together and create beautiful memories for them to treasure.

We went down to San Juan Capistrano and wandered through the Los Rios district. Who can resist a couple of train shots? Jeremy was a ‘master dipper’, as you’ll see! click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_1click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_6click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_2click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_9click_chicks_photography_orange_county_engagement_11click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_3click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_4click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_7click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_10

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