It’s a dog’s life … Suzanne + Robert at Tivoli Too

click_chicks_photography_wedding_laguna beach_tivoli_too.4jpgThis cute couple was nothing if not fun, quirky and unconventional. Suzanne envisioned amazing details that represented who she and Robert are as a couple … including their dogs as attendants.

She’s a book lover, so words are extremely important to her. Robert’s boutonniere was made from a dictionary page!

Okay, I have to admit it… I was skeptical about whole dog thing. But Felix and Olive did their jobs well! Olive even pulled a ‘wagon’ with flower petals. It was a rainy day, so some last minute switching around had to happen, but the folks at Tivoli Too, as always, made sure everything ran smoothly.

click_chicks_photography_wedding_laguna beach_tivoli_too

click_chicks_photography_wedding_laguna beach

Suzanne’s bouquet was made from of The Tempest and The Velveteen Rabbit. Their fathers wore boutonnieres made from Charlotte’s Web, and the Mom’s were presented paper roses  made from The Velveteen Rabbit. Of course, the escort cards matched the theme. Note cake topper!


click_chicks_photography_wedding_laguna beach_cake_topperclick_chicks_photography_wedding_laguna beach_escort_cards


One of my favorite shots of the day.

Sweethearts at their sweetheart table.

click_chicks_photography_wedding_laguna beach_sweetheart_table

Dare I say it?  And they lived hap-paw-ly ever after! Sorry.
click_chicks_photography_wedding_laguna beach_dogs

One comment on “It’s a dog’s life … Suzanne + Robert at Tivoli Too

  1. marta jager says:

    Oh you punster you!


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