John + Megan get married at hotel laguna

This couple lives in the SF Bay area, but did a destination wedding to Laguna Beach and it was a perfect summer day. Megan looked spectacularly beautiful and we had such a fun time with her and John. They did one of the cutest ‘first looks’ I’ve ever seen. Megan had mentioned balloons to me, but I couldn’t quite picture (ha!) it. And even the number of balloons they each held had significance to them.

My co-pho, the ever-talented Jan, took one of the coolest ring shots ever. It’s always fun to do something spontaneous that we’ve never seen. There are so many cliche shots. Beautiful … but chiche. Anyhow, she dropped them in a champagne glass and bubbles ensued 🙂

Enjoy the photos!!!

A special thank you to the following for your huge contribution to this beautiful day: Reverend Michael Ahern, The English Garden Florals.


Gorgeous Megan, cool as a cucumber.


And the dapper John.


Rings in champagne!! Bubble-licious.


Megan got teary a couple of times. (Thank goodness for waterproof eye makeup!). I think this was when she saw her beautiful bouquets, created by The English Garden Fine Florals in Laguna Beach.



Megan making her way to the rose garden, where she and John did their first look.


Here’s John waiting!


When they were in position we gave the cue and they let the balloons go. Super cute idea.



The tide was a little dicey … meaning high. But all survived.


Love this staircase for a backdrop at the Hotel Laguna.


And how could I resist a piano … in the hotel’s lobby.


Anita, owner of the English Garden, decorated the cake. Gorgeous!

IMG_1854-2 IMG_2362-2 IMG_2418-2  t

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