perception vs. reality

Always an interesting thought to ponder, yes?  It struck me recently that I experience these opposites from behind the lens on every single photo shoot.  I have three illustrations from two recent weddings. I see what is actually just a fraction of the scene in front of and around me and my subjects… like a silvery piece of mercury that I want to capture. But what’s going on around us is another thing entirely. Just food for thought to consider when you see a beautiful image.


Perceptiion:  Here’s the lovely Christine, at the Ritz Carlton, seeing her soon-to-be-groom for the first time… what we call the ‘first look’. A wonderful, private, intimate moment. Right?


Reality:  Just a foot in back of me were these ‘papparazzi’ … family members who wouldn’t dream of missing the moment. Images were likely on Facebook before we even left the hotel for the ceremony!


Perception: And here are Dean and Deanne, casually strolling down the center of Pacific Coast Highway while traffic is whizzing by. This honestly wasn’t my idea, but the videographer swore she’d done it many times. Who am I to say no? Sounded good and love the resulting image.


Reality: Notice I’m not in this shot 🙂 As I’m standing safely on the sidewalk on the verge of a panic attack, the videographer, her assistant, and my co-pho Jan are shooting the couple.


Perception: The day after the wedding, a trash the dress shoot. Beautiful, romantic, as if they were just dropped into the middle of the sea.

LC at DandD trash the dress

Reality: This photo was shot by my daughter with her iPhone. D+D were super-good sports about charging into the ocean in their wedding wear. And here I am charging in after them. Wasn’t my intention, but you do what you have to do get the shot! The water was actually much warmer than we expected!


Another gorgeous pic of them.


And another.


And just because I love them so much, two more photos from their wedding day!


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