senior portraits

Every time someone asks me if I do ‘senior portraits’, the image that comes to my mind is an elderly person! Typically that isn’t the kind of ‘senior’ they’re referring to 🙂 Of course I’m talking about ‘high school seniors’. And I do appreciate the fact that the families want an image other than the yearbook photo that’s taken with a backdrop, and maybe even an artificial tree or two.

I’ve seen professional senior photos taken by photographers who go all out. They provide hair and make-up people who typically turn the lovely 17 or 18 year old girl into their version of a super-model, and then take her out into a field in an evening gown. A pretty picture, yes. But my vision is to represent the young lady at her best, being who she actually is.

I had the opportunity the other day to photograph two senior girls who were visiting from Arizona and Colorado. I think these images represent the best of who they are. Sweet and gorgeous!

orange_county_senior_portrait laguna beach_senior_portrait laguna beach_senior_portrait_2 laguna beach_senior_portrait_3

laguna beach_senior_portrait_4

laguna beach_senior_portrait_6

You don’t necessarily have to see faces in a photo to evoke a feeling. This says ‘best friends’ to me.b+a


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