Fun With Fireworks … well, sparklers actually

My couple yesterday, Valerie and Bryan, planned a sparkler exit from their wedding. Did you know you can get jumbo, 3 minute sparklers ? Speedily getting all the guest’s sparklers lit at the same time was another matter, entirely.  A little earlier in the evening, my co-pho, Jolie and I ducked outside for a few minutes to test some effects. Valerie and Bryan were more than game, so we played for a few minutes.  Personally, I love the heart.

This is how you do it: Have the lit sparklers in position at the top dip of the heart. As soon as you say ‘go’ and open the shutter of the camera (for 1.5 seconds) they each draw half of the heart, holding their position at the bottom. Timing is everything!! We got multiple takes out of the two sparklers and had plenty of laughs. The secrets are them holding their bodies and faces still and, having the camera on a tripod. When you’ve got a ‘just married’ couple, staying still isn’t as easy as it sounds 🙂

The other shot is achieved by having two people running around the couple, each with a sparkler. The exposure here is even longer: 2.3 seconds. They can go up, down, around, and zig zag with the sparklers, but they can’t cross over their faces. I still don’t entirely understand why or how, but in many images you can’t see the ‘runners’ at all, and in others they look like shadows or ghosts. If you look closely at the second image, you can see the arm and hand of one of our helpers on the left.

Valerie was a gorgeous bride. Look forward to sharing more, but had to do a sneak peek of these two images!_MG_0501 _MG_0536

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