An engagement shoot + dog

When a couple says they want to bring a pet to their engagement session (or wedding), I’m just a wee bit concerned. I’ve not had a problem to date, and this was no exception. The adorable Stephanie and her handsome fiancee Tim brought their sweet pooch to the engagement shoot with the hopes of getting an image for their Save the Date cards.

Stephanie’s mother kept her grand-dog, Izzy, in check by tantalizing her with a ball. I would’ve thought that would have the opposite effect, but she was so good. Just sitting patiently while anticipating a romp after her glamour dog posing. Izzy has LOTS of energy and we had to avoid the beach because, as Stephanie said, Izzy would either 1) dig to China or 2) swim to Catalina.

So much fun! Can hardly wait for their wedding at the Balboa Yacht Club. You guessed it: 8/8/15.

range_county_engagement_photography_ 2

range_county_engagement_photography_ 3orange_county_engagement_photography_ 1range_county_engagement_photography_ 4

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