Summer in the city (or village… Laguna Beach, CA)

Summer brings many tourists to my little town of Laguna Beach and, yes, I often complain about the crowds and traffic for these few months. But, it also brings me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful families who’ve traveled to share our piece of paradise. I’ve been fortunate over a number of years to be referred by some of our finest coastal properties to guests who want to remember their time together with a family photo session. Sometimes it’s a family vacation, and others a reunion of family members coming together from different parts of the country.

Last week I had the pleasure to spend time with the Mange family from New Jersey. I gotta say, the East coast breeds a different type of boys from our surfer lads. These three were quite remarkable indeed. Loved it!

My family session includes unlimited shooting, editing, and my clients’ ownership of the high resolution digital negatives. Although the beach is often my clients first choice, I have a number of other locations I love!


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