December isn’t typically a big month for weddings — for me anyway. Unpredictable weather is one reason. But…  this year, headshots, venue interiors, and pre-mitzvah shoots were what kept me busy.

Whether corporate or for acting, I love shooting headshots! The secret is in the eyes. The connection with the camera makes viewers feel like they know you… or WANT to know you and do business with you. Here are just a few.IMG_4911

This man is the founder of a start-up tech company and wanted to look approachable yet professional. The sport coat, plus  “lean in” helps convey that. I usually take my backdrop to the client’s location and we can set it up anywhere. Being in their own environment also makes my client more comfortable.


Going for a completely different feel here. This lovely lady is carrying on her family’s legacy of publishing a society “Blue Book.” She needed a sophisticated portrait in a luxe environment… in this case, her home.


Love this girl. Just graduating from acting school in NYC, she needs headshots for auditions and showcases. She has such a lively personality; people that she meets need to remember that and this photo conveys it.

This accomplished former City Attorney needed a headshot to join others on the wall at City Hall. Note: She’s the only woman. While many woman prefer the overly retouched look, Robin wanted to look like herself today. How refreshing. You go girl!

robin zur schmiede edituntitled-6112Adding this one from the archives. An unexpected crop is fun — especially if you’re in a creative business. And I’m also a huge fan of B&W.

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