So, here are the first two in a series of my wedding photography pet peeves.

Skin Colored Bathing Suit.  Here’s the scenario … bridesmaids come from some state with no sun to beautiful and sunny Southern California. They want to get golden bronze for the big day. And, they want to do it in ONE day! So, they put on their bathing suits with some version of straps and ‘take a tan’.

The bad news is, of course, that you can’t do it in one, two, or even three days. So the poor girls get sunburned. Then, when they put on their strapless bridesmaid gowns they have prominent strap marks. Not so good for photography.

Suggestion … if you want to change the color of your skin for the wedding, get a spray tan. Or start months in advance.

If You Are Drunk, You’re Going to LOOK Drunk.  Okay, the title says it all. Yes, I know you’re excited and with the adrenaline flowing you might not realize that you’re getting a little tipsy until it’s too late. But brides, please don’t go backwards into the luge ice sculpture to have straight alcohol poured directly into your mouth. Especially with long hair that’s down.  Trust me, you come out looking wet .. which you are! Kind of puts a damper (ha!) on the rest of the photos.

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