these two…

Another great evening photographing a couple whose wedding I’m shooting a little later this year. With the “May grey” weather we’ve been having along the coast, I was inspired to do a darker, moodier color treatment on their images. I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out and word has it she cried when viewing them. Always a good sign ūüôā

This was my “in and around Laguna” engagement session, which gives us lots of different backdrops and typically ends at the beach.

As brides-to-be often do, Hadhyja had her hair and make-up trial the day of our sesh.¬† And, let’s talk about her hair! Gorgeous, yes?



amanda + brian’s engagement session

I honestly do love every photography session … be it a bar mitzvah, engagement, wedding, or even corporate event. I pride myself on being able to connect with the participants in some intangible way, but every once in a while there is something extra special that happens.

I knew we were making magic together last Sunday, but ¬†when I looked at the results of ¬†this engagement session with Brian and Amanda, I couldn’t have been happier. We had so much fun! How can you NOT have fun with balloons? And they are just the most adorable couple ever.

Enjoy. And spread balloon love!

IMG_1885 IMG_1923 IMG_1939 IMG_1976 IMG_1997 IMG_2074 IMG_2108 IMG_2134 IMG_2144 IMG_2151 IMG_2185 IMG_2046 IMG_2209

Dean + Deanne are engaged

Now isn’t that the cutest? Dean and Deanne, D&D, D-Squared, Double D’s … whatever you call them, they are adorable! I’m so looking forward to their wedding day and the fun it will be. Lots of relatives traveling all the way from South Africa to attend.¬†And, Deanne will be a spectacular bride! ¬†We just wandered around Laguna Beach and visited some of my favorite spots. Do you recognize the locations?

IMG_0241 IMG_0148 IMG_0152 IMG_0169 IMG_0192 IMG_9997

Lynn + Jeremy’s engagement session in San Juan

Every engagement session is unique. The experience and outcome of each is totally dependent on the personalities of the couple. So … no two alike! That’s what I love about them. I never know what the results will be. I’m happy to say that I’ve never been disappointed with the outcome … and it’s like Christmas morning when I upload the files to my computer.

Meet Lynn and Jeremy. They’re getting married in April and I can tell from these shots that we’re going to have a great time together and create beautiful memories for them to treasure.

We went down to San Juan Capistrano and wandered through the Los Rios district. Who can resist a couple of train shots? Jeremy was a ‘master dipper’, as you’ll see!¬†click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_1click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_6click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_2click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_9click_chicks_photography_orange_county_engagement_11click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_3click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_4click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_7click_chicks_photography_san _juan_capistrano_orange_county_engagement_10

A surprise engagement shoot!

What do you get when you have an impossibly beautiful girl paired with a handsome fiance? Well, hopefully, you deliver the goods, and I think I did!

My friend Todd Cooley is involved in the very worthy charity 2-1-1- Orange County,¬†an information and referral system linking residents to community heath and human services and support. He asked me to donate a photo session for a recent fundraiser and I said “Of course”.¬†Kristy’s mother, Becky, purchased it. She was planning on giving the session to her daughter Kristy, who was coming to visit with her boyfriend. Unbeknownst, Scott had proposed the day prior, so we had an impromptu engagement session!

Love their story, too… She works for Ralph Lauren in New York, who dresses the PGA golfers. Scott Langley, based in Florida, is one of them. They met at a golf event less than a year ago… and, the rest is history.

Boggled and bogged down with blogging!

THIS COUPLE ROCKED their San Juan Cap engagement session!

I admit it … there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to find time to blog, let alone Tweet and Pinterest. But, I know the social media thing is important, so I’m going to try to improve and keep ’em coming.

This session was a photographers’ dream. Or, at least this photographer! The couple — Maria Elena and Tony — was so fun, cute and happy to experiment! I brought out my mini blackboards; we wrote their Spanish sweetheart names for each other and got a darling series. But wait, there’s more. You know how much I love ‘story value’ in a photo. Props can add a lot to tell ‘your’ story. Things that are meaningful to you will bring a session to life. Maria and Tony brought along their vintage Mustang, Tony packed his guitar and a picnic basket. (I told you it was a dream!)

This was truly a case where I can’t pick favorites, so I’m loadin’ them at random.

Can hardly wait for their wedding!

Amanda + Kevin’s engagement shoot in Dana Point

Another super fun evening shoot. ¬†We met down at Dana Point’s Ocean Institute. Lots of great backdrops, as you’ll see. Plus the beach, of course. Kevin & Amanda are so cute and sweet … I can hardly wait to shoot their wedding in October!