mike + sydney rock their engagement sesh in laguna

My goodness! These two were so much fun to spend time with. Sydney had done something I always think is a good idea…she had her make-up trial the day of our shoot. They’re not getting married until Aug., but are going to use one of the pix as their save-the-date. No doubt in my mind that she will make a spectacular bride!

We shot at two of my favorite spots: downtown Laguna Beach, and on the sand at The Montage. I literally could NOT decide which images to pull for a preview. What a great “problem” to have, right? These are almost in reverse order from how we shot them.


An engagement session in Laguna Beach…sort of…


Hard to pick a favorite, but this MIGHT be it.


This was quite like a Laguna Beach engagement photo session. ┬áBUT…this cute couple actually got married two years ago on the sand, right here in Laguna. They’re from Michigan and were so happy to have a chance to come back for a little va-cay. Sadly, they weren’t happy with their actual wedding photos, so they asked me to do a “do-over”┬ásession. What could I say but…”YES! I’d LOVE to!”. We did a Laguna Beach tour…from my favorite “urban alley”, to my favorite brick wall, the Main Beach lifeguard tower, and the beach at gorgeous┬áMontage Hotel.

Meghan and Dave turned into supermodels right before my eyes :-). We had so much fun, and I’m thrilled with the results.

I LOVE shooting into the sun and creating a lens flare. To me, it just adds to the "story value" and creates a more romantic image.

I LOVE shooting into the sun and creating a lens flare. To me, it just adds to the “story value” and creates a more romantic image.


Sweet sweet love.


Favorite brick wall! The black iron window makes it!


This is where Meghan and Dave turned into supermodels. The colors in the background play perfectly off their black/blue tops.


Meghan is exactly a foot shorter than Dave. 6’1 to 5’1. Cute way to emphasize their height difference.

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